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when you lest think someone will try there best to do anything 4 you just 2 day 1 of my old a good buddy came from my home country nice and we got chating and man my life has gone back to the 80s lol i need to find someone before i go 6 feet under man people say that i got lucky well have my medical conditions and then say what you like the list is more then a preson talks in a day long so we got to make a bucket list and hope to do few then 2 things in it well if you dont have a cure for your problems then you dont have to worry you will go hell you dont even know the time well when we come in this world we cant do anything to be ready coz we dont know what where or how and to whom you going to be with but when we die at lest we can be ready or just try to do all you canheart1 confused dunno cheering innocent sleep teddybear
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daydream hmmm confused dunno popcorn drinking doh frustrated frustrated frustrated What???? ya conversing about dunno
HE HEgrin help
group hug help confused dunno scold scold No,, I daydream your beyond help doh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Did you watch that movie with Morgan Freeman and Nickelson ?? About the bucket list ???grin
must've been watching the bucket list grin
yes saw it 2 years ago but was afrid to think about it until i went thought i more sugry and now its getting boring ....lolapplause banana
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