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RE: dilema

Kas...just keep one thing in the back of your mind..rebound effect


Thank you swan and may Allah bestow many blessings on you..
Here in Germany it is quite cool..no summer this year..but I am grateful for it now since it does help me in my first Ramadan and I am happy it is here..

RE: Braindead

yeah I took the bait for the 3rd timerolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Braindead

@jana I think if u would meet the right Mr.Right..you could..coz home is where the heart is and the heart is where the love is..JMO

RE: Braindead

basically it was a rhetoric question..In my opinion..someone who refuses to move for love 1) is not interested in having the best suited partner for them..and so is willing to settle for second best..someone who gives job,family or friends as reason for being unwilling to relocate i think is just using that as an excuse..coz jobs can be found, family can be visited or they can visit same with friends..plus new ones can be made..I have done it twice

RE: Braindead

I have a question...would/ want to settle for second best ?

RE: Happy Fasting........

Happy Ramadan to you too

RE: Summer

here is ur hot coco..even with marsh mellows grin

RE: Summer

you forgot V2.1 knitted socks,V2.2 scarf.V5. central heating...

Lovely summer here...hot coco anyone ??

RE: Which region discovered first the football and whe

as far as I know the maya's I think played it first..or something similar were football got its roots from??

RE: What is smile?::::))))).an emotion?explain.

happiness made visible

RE: Fresh produce today and collecting river mussels

hmmm..now as far as I remember one should not eat mussels in month which not end in r..

RE: aw

the new forum layout is nice but yes it will take me some time to get used to it too

RE: when our heart sinks

There are only 2 kinds of people in this world..bad people who do bad things and good people who do good things..To have ur wish always think before you do or say anything..how ur actions will affect others..be kind,helpful to others and u r on the right way..
Peace be with u

RE: LAT with no string attached

I agree with you lana..and can think of a few already

RE: The Ferrymen of the heart

welcome back Aj..it has been a long time and I see you are also back..Nice blog..

RE: There were signs of a possible bomb in Norway

as it happens...this was NOT an Islamic terrorist attack..but by now I am sure you all have heard it was a Christian..who did the bomb and shot 80 teenagers..

RE: Hey All

I am on my way super grin

RE: Hey All

well if u have some sun to spare plz send it my way coz am tired of cold and rain...and having to turn on the heat..in JULY!!!!!!
but other wise juuust finegrin

RE: Indians/ Pakis

well pati ..I talk to Pakistanis and Indians and although their English is not perfect there are a lot of Americans who's English is no better.. but one thing the Indians and the Pakistanis do have ..is in a lot of cases better manners.In the 2 years I am here I only blocked 3 because of foul language..anyway..I find the title of this blog offensive..

RE: Indians/ Pakis

and what does that have to do with Indians and Pakistanis ?

RE: Acid reflux

happy is right..go see a doc. Also do not eat acid foods like tomato sauce, or spicy foods, no strong coffee,don t eat late in the evening, no chewing tobacco,no wine, sleep on multiple pillows or if u have a mattress frame where u can raise the head end do that

RE: I have searched for a woman's love...

@ diamond..yes I like them very much ..I know Arabic poems loose quite a bit of the emotions in translation but your translation is very good and in my opinion as good as the few one can find translated online :)

RE: 58th Birthday

makes me think of the tales of the UP

happy B day in advance

RE: i have my own helmet...finally *grin*

parti watch a Garfield cartoon or read one..then u knowrolling on the floor laughing

RE: Room Mates

I have been through 2 myself :) and yes they are behaving very adult about it..and after all if it works for them..that is what matters in the end

RE: Room Mates

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing grin devil

RE: Room Mates

@ Frank..yes ..here 18 is legal age too..but even when they turn 18 they are still ones children..that won't change and the shock would be the same I think..it might even be worse since then it might show that the happy home was just a farce..On one side I can understand their pretense on the other side it also seems kind of they are wanting to avoid looking bad in front of their children..
understand what I mean ?dunno

RE: Room Mates

I agree with Frank on this one..although one thing I am not sure of..why they want to wait until their children turn 18 ?

RE: What are your views on Interracial Dating? Tell me

right on coffeemixpeace handshake

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