do we have to accept som1 who...

how much u people think, the physical appearance counts than charecter when ur dating or looking for som1...
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it counts a lot

i was here at first with another, similar profile with my picture...and had lots of reactions.

I got fed up....and logged out.

I came back, out of curiousity, with my current profile. just for fun.
(I am not after a date/partner from CS much...)

so far...very little reactions, mostly scammers.

so...yes, physical appearance helps!

well it depends on what kind of physical appearance u are looking for on here. some womem prefer blonde and blue eyed and built like a model. some like tall dark and handsome and mysterious. some like beard, goatees and mustached, some like natural built men hairy and all, some like clean shaved men and no hair at all and base their looks on their attraction. Me, i think all men are beautiful and have wonderful qualities all of their own each and every one of them so i am not choosy about looks as their personality is what gets my votes hands down every time.
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