I remember the first time I saw fireflies. It was in my gramma's yard! I was delighted and thrilled. My Gramma was amazing! Her house always smelled like fresh gingerbread, was full of relatives and special occasions, and loaded with love, laughter, and new experiences. I was so fortunate to have her. She was loving, hardworking, rich in spirit, and always sharing her knowledge. It was to my great enjoyment that it was in her world-I learned about FIREFLIES. Magic, fascinating, scientific, and curious, my first glimpse brought great joy-just like being there did. I have never forgotten that feeling, the place, or the people. It enriches my life EVERYday. And that is in the present not past! People often forget the GOOD in their youth and are soured by life's everyday challenges. Those feelings are not a bygone era, they are a part of what makes each individual who they are always. Forgetting them is a crime in itself, because they can be called on to support and cheer every second in everyone's life. Remember who you are and where you came from! It is in your heart to use and share; sunshine that nothing can darken. Fireflies still delight me and warm my heart! My beloved Gramma is with me in spirit and has taught me more than any book or teacher in the world! I love you Gram.
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The previous blog was written and created solely by Diana Avery on Friday 2/18/2011 and is hers and hers alone. Thank you.
Oh darn, I was planning on stealing it!
I grew up on a farm in the Ozarks and remember the fireflies flitting on the lawn after dark in the summer. My siblings and I loved to go outside after supper to chase them. It was a happy childhood with a strong network of family around us. My mother, grandmother and aunts taught me how to cook, can, keep a good home, make clothes and quilt. My father and uncles taught me how to build and how to care for the land and the animals. The skills, strength and confidence they instilled in me have served me well in my life! Your blog made me stop and think about all those fond memories of the past. I'm glad you posted :)
We call them lightning bugs in Pennsylvania. Brings back good memories...
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