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RE: dnt knw wat to do i just fall in loved

He seems unstable to me. If he isn't cheating on you, then he is probably at least in need of a little psychological help.

RE: dnt knw wat to do i just fall in loved

Well, I don't want to throw any doubt on the situation, but the girl could be lying about everything to try and get you guys to break up. You have to look at every angle before making a decision. However, if he WAS cheating on you, kick him to the curb!! You don't need a guy like that to raise your child!!!

RE: Christmas Thoughts

I am sorry to hear about your brother. I think Christmas as an adult can still be amazing though!

RE: GHOSTS..........

I havent either. but i do believe that anything is possible.

RE: GHOSTS..........

Yeah, i am not a superstitious person but it is eery how closely tied these instances are together.


Aaaand the good guys win. Awww yeahh.

RE: It's a good weekend :)

Oh geez.. I thought you meant Dodge Charger at first.

RE: BiLLiOn down to 1...

This world is so interlaced with mysteries and possibilities that I know for a fact that things will work out. Your answer is 100%. You will have 100% chance. But the only way to do that, is if you never give up hope.

RE: Mad world

Every time I hear that song I think of Donnie Darko. It was one of those movies that really made me think.. though it was depressing it was also very, very good.

RE: online status

He sounds like a douche. And really pissy and sensitive. Trust me, it's good that you're off his radar.

RE: What attract YOU MOST

First of all, all sorts of nationalities attract me. It doesn't matter how tall or short either. Beauty is everywhere in everyone, and you just have to stop and look for it and you will find it.
Thus saying, physical attraction is nice, but emotional attraction is way nicer.

RE: immortality...

You should watch the movie Dorian Gray, or better yet, read the book. It is about a young man who achieves immortality... and in the end, he destroys himself. It is a classic book.

RE: Psychic or not?

Ahh, that is a very interesting subject to me. Cold reading versus real psychic powers? Sign me up! I am not a hundred percent sure if I believe in that sort of thing, but I DO believe in having intuition, especially before some sort of disaster occurs. In fact, this intuition has probably saved my life on numerous occasions and has protected me from harm. So, I have to say that I am leaning towards believing what you say is possible. If you want to, you can let me know what you read from me. But, if you have something embarrassing to say, I prefer you message it to me :P I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors either way.

RE: 2012

The end of the world is NOT coming in 2012. I promise. For one, scientists discovered that the Mayan calender is already over. In fact, it was over like fifty years ago. I mean, I am hoping for a zombie apocalypse, but trust me, that won't happen either. Unfortunately.

RE: libya

The decision was unanimous for the UN to condemn the actions of... Whats his name... who rules Libya. He has been directed to stand down or face the consequences. Already mercenaries for hire are defecting, because fighting for the Libyan government means incurring the wrath of the UN. It won't be too long before the country crumbles. I just hope not too many people will have to suffer from it...

RE: trust

Define scammer? Everyone here says that word, but when you say scammer, what do you mean?

Good luck, you seem like an amazing person, and trust me, you deserve to be happy, so don't tell yourself otherwise!

RE: Fireflies

Oh darn, I was planning on stealing it!

RE: Is Christianity dead here?

Haha, thats funny. Because, you know, you being Christian and all and swearing up a storm. Oh, and unleashing a flurry of hatred towards your fellow bloggers. The best thing out of everything, is that you are pointing out hypocrisy while being a hypocrite. Oh, I love this.

RE: Match info?

Naw, she is just out of cell phone range.

RE: Open for discussion

Well, talk about it. If you feel that you are going a different direction, then either make attempts to fix things, or end things. Honestly, been there, done that, it sucks. Best method is to put everything on the table, double up, if you will.

RE: thank u all

Well... technically it was one date, so you didn't actually get dumped. Just because you had a bad experience with one person doesn't make an entire race bad.

RE: I would..

The world is filled with hatred and distrust, and we that are not filled with hate are looking around, thinking, everyone here is crazy!

RE: Things I Hate About Everyone

Oh that's hilarious. And you know what, just because you posted that, I think I am going to do everything on your list.

RE: weak personality

Doesn't everyone seek approval of some form?

RE: Sex With an older women(for the women a younger ma

It DOES make a difference. Being turned on is all in your head, so if it is something wild or different, the sex is going to be better! Also, I am totally attracted to hot older women, I mean women hit their s*xual prime in their thirties, of course I would love to experience that!

RE: Is better..

To love and be loved is the greatest gift out of anything. Unfortunately most people find people the wrong way most of the time. The longest relationships that I have found on the internet were complete accidents, and I am glad to have met them! One, I was just playing an online flash game and chatting, and met this awesome girl, like five or six years ago, and we still talk! It is hard though, its very hard, you have to develop a strong shell else youll get hurt.

RE: my friend

I know how it goes. I am a blond too. In the literal and figurative sense. I am not an idiot, far from it, but I do stupid things all the time.


You are smokin hot. Anyone who suggests that you are fat is a douche bag. Besides, curvy girls are hotter than girls that look like sticks.

In short, you are not fat.

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