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Is better u don't put so many feelings in net even u spend weeks and months,even u speak to phone because u risk to be dissapointed and u heart hurt,because that person dissapointes u,dissaperars,or u realize doesn't love u and just played with u feelings.Just a few realtionships in net have a happy ending and for this is need by honesty from both parts and trust and true feelings!
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I'm with you on your feelings, I am male but a lonely one feeling half the man without the love of a woman in my life. Just experianced a self created pinnicle in my life throught establishing a great career giving me the territory of half of Australia. Yet feeling the lonelyness of not being able to share it with a women. Guess the song woold be "lonely heights"
I'm European born and cultured relising that reality of happiness exists within my culture, our language and cultre are similer if not the same. My career and life are in Aust, longing and willling to accomadate a lady of similer thoughts .
Are you interested.
Steve (Slavko)XXXXX
Life itself is a risk.
Just go slow & carefully with some reservation.
Don't fall in love without meeting in person
and spending time together in person.
This doesn't mean, that you can't enjoy the online
conversations. peace
To love and be loved is the greatest gift out of anything. Unfortunately most people find people the wrong way most of the time. The longest relationships that I have found on the internet were complete accidents, and I am glad to have met them! One, I was just playing an online flash game and chatting, and met this awesome girl, like five or six years ago, and we still talk! It is hard though, its very hard, you have to develop a strong shell else youll get hurt.
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