Suprise visit from...

... a nice Petty Officer Third Class who served on a ground combat team with marines. I thought I was doing push-ups and running laps today.... HA! I had to "build a house" over 100 yards and back with only 3 other people (building a house: a military exercise where people line up on their hands and feet making an arch for someone to crawl through - you progress by having the person at the end of the line crawl through and assume the position at the front of the line). Normally, us Navy folk don't do that kind of thing!! So today, I can get away with a "hoo-rah" or two. head banger head banger

It sucked HARDCORE but I feel great for having been able to get through it. Only a matter of time before I have that "sexy torso" to attract the ladies.rolling on the floor laughing
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it's not just the body, it's also the uniform. grin
Ahh the uniform... something I have yet to earn, but I am looking forward to immensely. The first of three milestones I need to achieve in my military career. The first is to earn my uniform after boot camp; the second is to earn my "dolphin" pin after submarine training school; the third is to earn a new uniform after officer boot camp. professor
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