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I have not been able to upload a pic from my stupid smart phone yet, and my comp is down, so I will post one when I can.

In the mean time more about me. I am tall with a "used to be muscular" build. I keep my hair fairly short, sometimes. I have some facial hair, but I usually keep it trimmed. I am separated from my wife, who lives close by and often takes the kids to see her bf. I believe in honesty, but also feel that some details should be spared untill I actually talk to you. (that's not always bad, so just give me a chance to explain before you decide) I am lonley, but not a puppy dog. So I won't beg or wine. I want a friend right now, someone I can talk to and listen to. I do hope it will be more one day, but refuse to place a timeline. I don't want to sell anything short. If it is to be, it will be in due time.not too fast or too slow. Just when it does. I have 3 kids. Ages 6 4 and 2. Two boys, one girl.

I am fairly open about things, so if you want to know, just ask. That simple.

I don't like to overcomplicate, but I still do it sometimes. I don't want high maintenance. I just want fun, simple, outgoing, honest, and the rest will come.

More later
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You sound like a nice guy with alot to offer besides your children. I quite agree that children should come first and if anyone cannot understand that reasoning they will not fit into your life.

I am raising my granddaughter who will be 4 New Year's Day. We have been together for more than two years and I am doing this alone. There is a bit of history that led up to this. For the most part, guys do not want kids involved. I don't date, just chat with someone until they realize that my granddaughter is first in my life.

I wish you the best in meeting someone. There are good and bad anywhere. For the most part the ones I have chatted with have become my friend. peace
wave Hi There...I also can only access via 'smart phone' (for computer 'died' shortly after i 'joined' this site) and its actually quite easy..i will send you a message to explain the 'details' and a few 'tips' that can help you & 'spare you' some of the 'hardships' i've encountered accessing by cell..ok? Have a lovely day & chek your 'inbox' in a little i know you will not get the responses you would like WITHOUT a pic..Because, honestly, no one really wants to even consider a 'relationship' or even 'friendship' with someone that can 'see' them but they cannot see you!
All the best... peace SuZi
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