Why Men Love Bitches?
Doormat to Dream girl..

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aamir ~ I don't think any woman can comment on behalf of all women
I don't thank any man can comment on behalf of all men.

Decency, kindness, strength of character, truthfulness,fun,etc., are all things that are attractive.
If a man/woman is attracted to somebody who is not available to them, who enjoy that sense of danger
excitement, [often a married man] like living on a knife edge, it is s*xual, there is electricity, but often
people get very very hurt, and sometimes it is the innocent wife and children.

So most women here have said they don't like men to treat them badly they have respect for
themselves are have matured.

I hope this has answered your question . I wish you the very best in your search for a good, kind woman .

heart beating
aamir ~ I don't believe that mature women like a 'Badboy' perhaps in our 20s 30s same with men,
but if you are still looking for the 'b*tch' the 'Bad boy' after that age, there is something wrong, wink

Knew there was something wrong with me..moping
May I ask you, why do you call women or some of them Bítches and doormats? Who raised you ?

I don't want a response. Just asked. roll eyes
Hi Usha, you have not understood actually..
It is not a b*tch nor any doormat.. This is just a phrase and has meaning that may go to women or men both

I think if anyone is being a b*tch, not excluding men here. That they don't respect the person.

Respect is earned, but either way both should have a sense of decency about them not to treat another badly.
aamir don't ever send me mail asking me to go to bed with you ever again

That's what I call being a real b*tch
some very good looking women think there so gorgeous there entitled to be bitches ..and some fellas like them id avoid like the plague and this bitching here and bastards is just stupid , are so many frustrated women and fellas here ..once you have a good woman this all becomes good and what way you live is up to each of us
Luke, ain't nothing wrong with you thumbs up
Aamir whatever you learned in Chicago applies to Chicago
Not Texas or CS.rolling on the floor laughing

Pepps will straighten you out!!!grin
Thanks Ash, I feel better now....dancing
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