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Military Misadventures

A newly upgraded Russian Destroyer launches their new cruise missile... and it does not go well.
10440May 2May 33 hrs ago

No. WHO did not Order countries to stop doing lockdowns. Information blog.

Some people have said that the WHO expressly ordered countries to stop using lockdowns. This is Patently false. This is what the Covid-19 envoy sa...
290230Apr 26Apr 279 hrs ago

Invasive Species banned as pets and breeders in Florida

Toilet-invading iguanas among invasive s...
21090Mar 23Apr 5May 7

Biden Infrastructure plan predicted to create 2.3 Million Jobs by 2024

Economists bullish on Biden's $3 trillion infrastructure plan Economists are becoming positively gid...
8701Mar 30Mar 308 hrs ago

If you have Covid-19 Symptoms, Asprin etc is safe to take.

This is kind of a response to MicLee deleting this stuff from his thread. Once an only assume he wants people to continue to be scared, rather than re...
28041Mar 22Mar 284 hrs ago

Sydney Powell files a response to Dominion lawsuit - and it is a good defense.

So, As some of you might know, Sydney Powell of "The Kraken" fame, et al have been sued by Dominion systems for a billion dollars, well, Ms Powell has...
283140Mar 22Mar 27May 7

Sandstorm in Beijing

Biggest sandstorm in decade turns Beijing skies yellow Updated / Mond...
11000Mar 16Mar 16May 7

No, the US did not spend a billion dollars to create a Space pen while the Russians used a Pencil

Ya the title is a great line, but its not True. The Russians used Grease pencils but they smudged easily and tended to turn into a floating unholy Mes...
16760Feb 4Feb 5May 4

Funeral Homes in Los Angeles are overwhelmed.

This woman has a long running Youtube channel discussing in, in a funny manner, lots of topics related to death and the treatment of dead bodies, as s...
662-0Feb 4Feb 5May 3

The real Moby d*ck story was so much worse.

It was based on a real event where a Whale attacked a whaling ship while its boats were off killing another Whale. It was one of the only times a Whal...
19980Feb 4Feb 51 hrs ago

Data on Allergic reactions to Covid 19 Vaccine.

Since the Misinformation is rife by the usual suspects, I thought some actual data from Doctors might be in order. Since this paper mentions the word...
613480Jan 25Jan 30May 7


Supreme Court in no hurry to hear Trump campaign case, sets response deadline two days after inauguration The latest Trump campaign appeal t...
254120Dec 26Jan 25May 2

Photos of President Biden's Oval Office, and his predecessors.

From He hasn't chang...
582420Jan 23Jan 25May 7

National Guard Members die in Helicoter Crash in NY State

Saw this looking through Youtube. God have mercy on their souls and prayers for the...
18630Jan 21Jan 22May 7

Trump Budget complaints vs Trump Budget requests

Trump has said he will veto the New Omnibus bill, which contains the Covid-19 Stimulus because of various reasons, listed below. Well lets compare wha...
17261Dec 23Jan 17May 5

Pfeiser Vaccine had little to do with Trump's Operation Warp Speed

Pfizer has clarified that it was never part of Operation Warp Speed, d...
18982Dec 24Dec 244 hrs ago

Some Poetry

As something to do during the Covid Lockdowns I started recording myself reciting poetry. Most of them are on facebook but I put some of them onto You...
251110Dec 4Dec 24May 4

Trump constructs only 5 miles of new Border Fence in 4 years. And some Droog Numbskullery

The rest of the 445 miles of Border fence he says he constructed was just refurbishment of existing fencing whose cost had been allocated and the con...
221111Dec 17Dec 24May 6

Russian state media mourns the loss of “our candidate Trump,” “our friend Donald.”

Russian Media Mourn as Putin Acknowledges Biden’s Win—But Say Trump ‘Burned’ U.S. on His Way Out “He is discrediting the American electoral...
250120Dec 16Dec 16May 2

Sidney Powell and L Lin Wood "Kraken" Georgia Update.

Ok, when last we left our intrepid heroes, They had succeeded in getting a Partial TRO, stopping the wiping of Georgia machines till the hearing, and...
146121Dec 2Dec 16May 2

President Elect Biden delivers remarks after Electoral College vote victory.

Since others are making blogs just for one video. No comment as I haven't watched...
286420Dec 15Dec 1520 hrs ago

China and 14 South East Asian countries form Trade Block to replace TPP

After eight years of talks, China and 14 other n...
16340Dec 15Dec 15May 2

Trump Cult Scam Plan B - My Electoral College Is Better Than Yours!!!

It seems they want to soak in some more $$$ out of the cultists.
254270Dec 14Dec 14May 4

PA and Arizona issue statements that they will not change Electors.

It seems the Fareed Zackara situation is receding into the distance....
166111Dec 4Dec 14May 2

BREAKING! - Investigation into Donald Trump crimes expanding

Since every other person is putting BREAKING in the title, Difference of course is their Hunter Biden stuff is a load of crackers built to keep attack...
12230Dec 11Dec 14May 2

US tightens definition of service animals allowed on planes

The Transportation Department issued a final rule Wednesday covering animals on airlines. It decided that only dogs can fly as service animals,...
8800Dec 4Dec 4May 3

Decieving your voters about Election Fraud when you are trying to win an election is Bad.

293161Nov 28Dec 19 hrs ago

The Woman that made Thanksgiving a national US holiday

This is Sarah Jodepha Hale. She was an...
20430Nov 26Nov 26May 2

Newsmax CEO Says Its Coverage Is Not Accurate, They Have No Evidence of Election Fraud

I know our collection of outspoken people here like to throw out Newsmax links. Well this interview from a couple of days ago shows that their CEO is...
14720Nov 25Nov 25May 2

SCOTUS is not getting involved, by those who know.

SCOTUSblog is a twitter handle of people who have been covering SCOTUS for years in a relatively non Partisan way. Its handle is here
16811Nov 22Nov 22May 2

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