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Military Misadventures

A newly upgraded Russian Destroyer launches their new cruise missile... and it does not go well.


Honestly though, it looks like a hell of a ship, if they get the bugs out of the systems.

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I think the powers to be can always throw a bug in the systemlaugh
The Technology we don't get to know can be very impressive. Apparentlyhead banger cheers
Looks capable enough. Did you see all the other boats in harbour...they had a few.

Putin had some sarcastic remarks when a Norwegian frigate sailed stright into a freighter..
the crew was to blame, yes; on the frigate... reckless training after dark. Two new crew members were trained on the bridge and commanding officer was inexperienced.

Here a video of the incident:
go to 6:43

Havarikommisjonens film om Helge Ingstad
I'm not sure, but it is possible, that the Russians have sunk more of their own ships & subs, than anyone else's. They may want to consider banning vodka from the military. laugh
US missile tests often have similar bugs at first. We just don't normally release the videos of the bad launches. China and India have had some tests gone wrong too.
Anytime you make a new weapons system there will be a few years of bugs and kinks not caught in the development phase. That is normal.

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