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Meeting New Friends

Friends are like a bouquet of flowers Each perfectly Unique and Special In their own way Welcome to CS

For You Darling

For You Darling.


The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line My Dear Is Getting To Know You, Will Certainly Be A Pleasure!!

Spend a day doing nothing

Spend a day doing nothing.

Enjoy the warm glow of the sun. Let nature entertain you. Let stress go. Let peace in. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Since love grows within you so beauty grows

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.

Worry ends where faith begins

Worry ends where faith begins.

Walk By Faith Not By Sight.

Be Happy

Be Happy.


You make my heart Smile

You make my heart Smile


In Love

In Love

You and I are connected heart to heart, distance and time can't break us apart.

Youre Awesome

You're Awesome.



Is simply two things Love and Light Send this back when you want both I need only your permission to Request These


Like a Flower needs the Rain I Need you

Day Lilies

Weekends ARE for Lovers

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine...

*How Is Your Day Going?*

Nobody Wins

Nobody Wins.

Replace jealousy with generosity because envey turns life into an endless competition that nobody wins!

Summer Breeze

The Fragrance of Sunrise Has awaken you, Cooing at me a Good Morning

I just have one thing to say

I just have one thing to say..


As far as friends go Id say youre one of a kind

As far as friends go I'd say you're one of a kind.

As far as friends go I'd say you're one of a kind. You're thoughtful, caring and the glow you bring to my life is more radiant than a thousand sunrises put together. I'm so lucky to have a special friend like you in my life. Hope your day is as


You've a wonderful outlook on Love and Life


If you care to join me

Love Is The Flower Youve Got To Let Grow

Love Is The Flower You've Got To Let Grow.

Love Is The Flower You've Got To Let Grow.

For You Beautiful

For You Beautiful.

For You Beautiful.. I Think You Are Truly Something Special.

Destination Summertime

Destination Summertime!

Enjoy The Journey!

Happy Summer

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer! Always Remember Get A Bite Out Of Sweetness, And Live Life Juicy!!

Pleased To Make Acquaintance

Pleased To Make Acquaintance

From Strangers To Friends.. With Warmest Regards.. I Am So Happy To Have Met Your Acquaintance!!

My Desert Flower

My Desert Flower

Thoughts of you,my endearment of joy.. My desert blooms like smiles and gentle rain.. I wish you all the very best.. In the path of harsh winds and blazing Sun .. Our loving endures all nature's tests..

Courting The Ode To Love

Courting The Ode To Love

The Ode Of Love Endures..grows...waits.. Not hurried hot, nor cold.. In a balanced constant pace.. Our future Holds, our Lives unfold, Connecting face to face...

Watching his step

You are a great Leader

Love is

Love is...

Your search is over. Deep love and comfort await you. Loving honesty loyalty and humour make me. Here feeling and a heart of gold, dare and write now because your happiness is just an email away. Your: Theotherpartofyour (heart


Night blossoms

Heres a little hug for you

Here's a little hug for you...


Heres To A Happy Friday

Here's To A Happy Friday...


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