The Death Penalty (44)

Jan 19, 2013 1:04 PM CST The Death Penalty
RedexRedexNorthumberland, England UK37 Threads 1,707 Posts
Ziggie20: Hi Redex - We are all entitled to an opinion and I respect yours to differ.

I, for the record think its safe to say everyone born in the UK who lived through WW2 and were borne after it hates what the Nazis'z did to over 6,000,000 Jews alone plus many others who did not agree with The 1000 year Reich, Aryan supremacy and the Lebensborn's *superiority* by such *breeding*.

Firstly I think this - Not all Suicide bombers are Muslims !!

What Stalin did to something like 20,000,000 innocent people and academics in Russia and the Ukraine of all religions was arguably even worse. -- If you read the history of those events and accept that the majority here in the UK at least, hate what Israel and Syria are doing to innocent civillians NOW, there are parallels. -- Even the reporters are saying that despite all the diplomatic talks there is no practical evidence of anything positive being done to stop it in either case.

Whenever a Suicide bomb fails to explode the carriers survive and there should be a deterrent in place as they intended to kill and mame innocent people. -- IMO -- With all so called suicide bombers the vast majority of evidence shows that it is done to gain attention for their causes, ao they by intent take away innocent peoples rights to live and not be injured and thus forfeit their human rights, thus, instant fatal punishment should be the automatic sentence.

The only exception should be where a child was used as they have been indoctrinated and can be re-educated so the parent/s or guardian/s should face execution. -- That IMO just might make fanatics stop and think

Oh dear me ziggie yes we are all entitled to our own opinion and I agree with you FANTASISM in any form is not good
Nov 12, 2018 9:17 PM CST The Death Penalty
charles_nzcharles_nzChristchurch, Canterbury New Zealand2,269 Posts
People who take the lives on innocent people should have their own life taken in return.

Nothing else is justice.
Dec 18, 2018 2:39 AM CST The Death Penalty
HarbalHarbalSouth Yorkshire, England UK68 Threads 4 Polls 3,611 Posts
charles_nz: People who take the lives on innocent people should have their own life taken in return.

Nothing else is justice.
Dec 20, 2018 7:50 AM CST The Death Penalty
LovingAAALovingAAAPattaaya, Central Thailand Thailand18 Threads 17 Polls 108 Posts
I believe in undeveloped countries are necessary to have a death penalty.
There have a lot of criminal case available such as toxic substances, rape, various violence, etc. If allow those type of people available, it means that society accept and agree animal instinct more than education.
Also, even in a prison, it does not mean their soul and mind are changed.
The victims do not need or having other reason to revenge.
New generation must realize and why to be a good citizens although they may not become a great person.
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