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genie, in a bottle ( Archived) (4)

Sep 4, 2008 12:45 AM CST genie, in a bottle
coolieno1coolieno1point fortin, Point Fortin Trinidad and Tobago121 Threads 1 Polls 827 Posts
one day there was a man who had a magic lamp with a genie inside. so one day while the man was thinking what to wish for, cause he had everything that he desired, he saw a donkey walking the road, so he quickly ran for the lamp and called the genie. when the genie came he told him, that he wanted goods like the donkey( goods is big p*nis cause thats what donkeys got). so the genie said " you have to sleep for 3 weeks then your wish will come true do you agree', the man said (yes). so the genie put the man to sleep, after 3 weeks have passed the man got up with an strong urge to pee, so when the man went to the bathroom to pee, he unziped his pants an started to hold but felt nothing, frightened the man looked down, and say one hugh va*ina, the man cried out " i didn't know that was a female donkey".
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Sep 4, 2008 12:48 AM CST genie, in a bottle
XtabentunXtabentunOntario, Canada28 Threads 2,372 Posts
Yeayyy!!! yay

Thank you! cheering wink Good job! teddybear
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Sep 4, 2008 12:55 AM CST genie, in a bottle
coolieno1coolieno1point fortin, Point Fortin Trinidad and Tobago121 Threads 1 Polls 827 Posts
Xtabentun: Yeayyy!!!

Thank you! Good job!
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Sep 4, 2008 1:20 AM CST genie, in a bottle
RexusRexusDili, Timor-Leste19 Threads 447 Posts
A man was teaching his girl friend how to play golf. In the try the woman hit the golf ball hard. It flew and broke the window of a neighboring house. Feeling ashamed the man and woman went to that house and found that a man sitting there relaxed and a bottle just broken, maybe hit by the golf ball. The couple started to apoligize for the ball breaking his window and making a mess. But the man sitting there stopped them saying--

"You've done a good thing to me. I'm a genie. I was stuck in this bottle for 30 years. You have just freed me. Now tell me what do you wish for you. I can grant your three wishes but there is only one condition."

"What is that?"-- asked the thrilled couple.

"You have to grant me one wish".

The couple thought some time and decided to give a try. So the man said, "I want to be wealthiest man in the world. So that I can buy anything I want. Go wherever I want and have as much fun as I want."

"Granted"-- said the genie.

Now the woman said, "I want to be the most beautiful woman in the world. So that everybody falls in love with me".

"Granted" said the genie again.

The couple discussed what should be the third wish and said, "We want to rule the world together."

"Granted"-- said the genie again.

"Now make the wish come true"-- asked the couple.

"Wait a minute, I've not told you my wish yet. All your wishes will come true only when my wish is fulfilled"-- replied the genie.

"What is that?"

"I was in the bottle. So I've not had sex for last 30 years. I wish to have sex with your girl friend and after that all your wishes will come true."

Startled, the couple looked at each other. Then the man said to his girl friend, 'Would you mind honey? I'll not feel jealous. I love you."

"If you insist, honey. I'll do it for our bright future"-- responded the woman.

So, the man left his girl friend and genie alone and waited outside. The genie's sex seemed insatiable. One hour passed and woman was panting but it was still going on. Looking into her eyes, the man asked,

"How old are you?"

"36 years" relplied the woman.

"How old is your boyfriend?"

"He is also 36".

"36 years old, and you still believe in genie?"
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