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A COMING COVID CATASTROPHE4232Mar 2021May 202112 hrs ago
America in Crisis3294Mar 2021Mar 2021Aug 5
The Return2462Mar 2020Mar 2020Jul 29
the Antichrist: 10 Proofs from the Bible51413Dec 2019Dec 2019Aug 4
how safe is your doorbell47416Nov 2019Nov 20193 hrs ago
Weather Events Happening Worldwide3979Nov 2019Nov 2019Aug 8
North Africa and Syria’s Coming Conflict with Israel4054Oct 2019Oct 2019Aug 8
Court Forced s*xual Transition2790Oct 2019Oct 2019Aug 10
City Of Austin Now Microchipping The Homeless44712Oct 2019Oct 201917 hrs ago
Are We Being Conditioned To Accept The Mark of The Beast? It Is Coming!60918Oct 2019Oct 2019Aug 10
NO-GO Zones In The US!59716Aug 2019Aug 2019Aug 5
Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Apparent Suicide Ahead Of Child Sex Abuse Tria1,83556Aug 2019Aug 2019Aug 9
Superbug Outbreak Going Global"3905Aug 2019Aug 2019Aug 5
Do You Know What Must Happen Before Jesus Will Return?53410Aug 2019Aug 2019Aug 9
: Races & Human Populations2790Aug 2019Aug 2019Aug 9
Israel: God's End Time Alarm Clock3510Aug 2019Aug 2019Aug 5
America A Nation Begging For Destruction...20194121Jul 2019Jul 2019Aug 6
Mark Levin talks with pastor Hagee3010Jul 2019Jul 2019Aug 9
EARTHQUAKE ALERT! The BIG ONE4372Jul 2019Jul 2019Aug 9
The 5G Dragnet2852Jul 2019Jul 201915 hrs ago
Why Are There So Many Mass Shootings?1,74661Jun 2019Jun 2019Aug 6
This Happened On Planet Earth...June 20194256Jun 2019Jun 2019Aug 7
The UFO Phenomenon4629Jun 2019Jun 2019Aug 6
Satanism & The Evil World We Live In Right Now47413Jun 2019Jun 201914 hrs ago
The Delusion has Begun2800Jun 2019Jun 20197 hrs ago
How THIS VIDEO from 1958 ACCURATELY PREDICTED everything that is happening today4617Jun 2019Jun 201922 hrs ago
What is in the Equality Act?4658Jun 2019Jun 201920 hrs ago
DON'T Think This Nightmare Will Never Come Here59113Jun 2019Jun 201912 hrs ago
Who Made God?93625May 2019Jun 2019Aug 9
THIS IS NOT NORMAL3782May 2019Jun 2019Aug 9
DO CHRISTIANS Go STRAIGHT To HEAVEN When THEY DIE?1,58344May 2019Jun 2019Aug 9
Do You Want To Know3312May 2019Jun 201922 hrs ago
Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us42412May 2019May 2019Aug 9
Guess What Life Will Be Like When You're A LAOLAI?3162May 2019May 2019Jul 18
7 Reasons5015May 2019May 20199 hrs ago
There is NO Hell62518May 2019May 2019Aug 3
Under NO Circumstances Are You Allowed To Take Off Your Blindfold2760May 2019May 2019Jul 31
This Could Be The LAST Warning You'll Ever Get4932May 2019May 2019Aug 9
WE'VE ALL BEEN FOOLED4000May 2019May 20198 hrs ago
Breaking Pope Prophecy Alert80622May 2019May 201916 hrs ago
HISTORY OF EASTER: IS IT A PAGAN HOLIDAY?4818Apr 2019Apr 201922 hrs ago

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