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Don’t allow America’s illegals into Canada2,66490Jan 2017Mar 5Mar 15
The Absolute State of Ontario392Feb 28Mar 5Mar 16
15 Clear Signs Your Phone Was Hacked1390Jan 12Jan 12Mar 15
Hilarious: Watch Trudeau get called a...5318May 2017Dec 27Mar 16
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Trump Praises26825Dec 20Dec 21Mar 15
artificial intelligense1,39299Nov 17Dec 2119 hrs ago
EXPOSED How Satan infiltrated Christianity with CHRISTMAS89866Dec 11Dec 19Mar 15
What's Wrong With This Picture, Absolutely Everything!1161Dec 17Dec 17Mar 6
christmas music2546Nov 24Dec 13Mar 12
SpotMini dog1388Nov 14Nov 14Mar 16
mandatory chipping32115Nov 5Nov 73 hrs ago
Scientists Find Proof that Humans Have Souls32511Oct 10Oct 25Mar 4
Giant in Afghanistan1130Oct 11Oct 11Mar 15
Why God Allows Satan To Continue65339Oct 6Oct 922 hrs ago
Irma is coming73236Aug 31Sep 10Mar 15
8.1 MegaQuake Strikes Offshore Mexico/24 Killed1571Sep 8Sep 8Mar 15
JERRY LEWIS DIES AT 9121311Aug 20Aug 21Mar 7
Glen Campbell dies20013Aug 9Aug 10Mar 15
Signs Exploding In Last Days24911Jul 2017Jul 20176 hrs ago
The Declaration of Independence1,34883Jul 2017Jul 201712 hrs ago
what is going on with these entertainers29112Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 13
ALICE COOPER RETURNS TO JESUS.23113Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 16
Special Gun Rights for Muslims33311Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 14
It's Just A Matter Of Time, America Is Lost! and Canada1261Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 13
"In Canada,Your Children Are No Longer Yours!"1202Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 16
"In Canada,Your Children Are No Longer Yours!"1051Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 2
terror in london3,310167Jun 2017Jun 201711 hrs ago
SICK SICK SICK1,19065May 2017Jun 2017Mar 16
Failed suicide bomber interview80950May 2017May 2017Mar 15
Pole Shift Theory90441Dec 2016May 201717 hrs ago
fox news LIVE ??Trump MAJOR SPEECH to Arab Nations, The world watching!94456May 2017May 20178 hrs ago
The Lie We Live61237May 2017May 2017Mar 15
ROBO COP” to Guard British Fans at 2018 World Cup950May 2017May 2017Mar 4
Please give this to my Daddy...2089May 2017May 2017Mar 14
Marijuana could be legal in Canada by July 1, 2018,2788Mar 2017May 2017Mar 14
Amerigeddon: Grid-down EMP scenario goes mainstream1,46929Mar 2016Apr 2017Mar 16
If you have this App on your smartphone...BEWARE!!!40017Apr 2017Apr 2017Mar 15
the real truth about 20125405Jan 2012Apr 2017Mar 3
is building the wall so bad?73843Mar 2017Apr 2017Mar 7
Potential 'smoking gun41924Mar 2017Mar 2017Mar 13
OBAMA to USE HUGE CRISIS to CANCEL 2016 ELECTION1,34024Sep 2015Mar 2017Mar 5

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