RE: Why is Sunday a different type of day than other days...?

the days of the week were named after pagan gods. the pope changed Saturday Sabbath to Sunday just like he changed the Lord's prayer or is going to. he can not do that it goes against GOD.

Why Are There So Many Mass Shootings?

hmmm--wonder if anyone really watched the clip.

RE: How a babies life could evolve

I would worry more about what the kids are being taught in school today.

Who Made God?

no one knows what GOD looks like.

Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us

The Future Is Automated And Every Job Is At Risk [Automation, Pt. 1]

RE: Declassication incoming (original mueler investigation) It is happening guys

ITS BEGUN ?? President Trump DECLASSIFIES Millions of Documents on the Mueller probe


Biblical truth about Life After Death (heaven, hell, and resurrection)

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