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Coronation Street v Neighbours6815Apr 2016Jan 261 hrs ago
How Long is a Chinese name?2,12435Aug 2016Oct 201719 hrs ago
World Police Station, Gibraltar1,12826Jun 2016Oct 201752 mins ago
What will happen next.....2,88324Sep 2016Apr 201711 hrs ago
How many planets....66918Jul 2016Apr 2017Sep 15
Lively forum fokkers1,44731Jul 2016Mar 2017Sep 21
Killed with kindness1,23720Jun 2016Jan 20178 hrs ago
Brexit fears and concerns thread1,73051Jun 2016Jan 2017Sep 21
Free holiday to Warrington1,84939Aug 2016Nov 2016Sep 18
Non Asian Invasion1,97139Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 22
Car seat covers1,1349Sep 2016Sep 201631 mins ago
Battery Hens, Cruel?85017Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 19
Cooking with Maggie1,93654Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 22
What´s in a name?1,50829Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 21
When the EU collapses.........not if.....5,01519Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 23
Do you remember the good old days?1,25624Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 18
CS News Bulletin Board2,528107Sep 2016Sep 20167 hrs ago
Essex ManAdvisor1,15723Sep 2016Sep 201616 hrs ago
Become a fan of me87112Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 22
Pamela Anderson4902Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 20
How welcoming are the Irish?1,26428Aug 2016Sep 20167 hrs ago
Fires in Benidorm68415Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 13
I´m at a loose end1,85130Aug 2016Aug 20163 mins ago
My wife wants another baby2,17347Jul 2016Aug 2016Sep 22
My large girlfriend....2,60075Jul 2016Aug 20165 hrs ago
Chocolate cigarettes5335Jul 2016Aug 2016Sep 21
R.I.P Mrs.Mangel5732Jul 2016Jul 2016Sep 22
Smokers of Australia Rise Up1,95624Jun 2016Jul 201620 hrs ago
Should cockfighting be banned?70324Jul 2016Jul 2016Sep 22
Collecting Singles2,35728Jul 2016Jul 201617 hrs ago
We love the Brits thread1,04535Jul 2016Jul 2016Sep 21
We hate the Brits thread1,15934Jul 2016Jul 201611 hrs ago
Jexit-should I leave?1,67926Jun 2016Jul 2016Sep 22
Shameful5467Jul 2016Jul 2016Sep 17
Hats off to immigrants2,62388Jul 2016Jul 2016Sep 22
Next British Prime Minister...Who?50815Jul 2016Jul 2016Sep 22
Women and movies60610Jun 2016Jul 2016Sep 16
Do thunderstorms make you sad?1,13436Jun 2016Jul 2016Sep 21
Do you like magic?1,26256Jul 2016Jul 201613 hrs ago
Jesus not Jaysus5939Jun 2016Jul 2016Sep 22
I took a day off today6204Jul 2016Jul 2016Sep 16
British muslim weather4885Jun 2016Jun 2016Aug 22

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