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I don't get stalked - SO - Ladies - PLEASE stalk me ?6,770319Apr 2009Oct 2009Apr 1
Should Margaret Thatcher be honoured with the State funeral as advocated by her lickspittles1,38926Nov 2008Aug 2009Apr 7
Re Princess of Whales - To all Presidents Squadron members2150Apr 2009Apr 2009Mar 23
Calling all existing Presidents EOG.M. - No agenda - YET2845Apr 2009Apr 2009Apr 16
WELCOME BACK Angel Diva Princess of Whales4074Apr 2009Apr 2009Apr 10
Paddy & Mick jokes3,22031Dec 2008Feb 2009Apr 6
BABY P CASE - Belated justice? - If it can be called that! - Have your say?5208Dec 2008Dec 2008Apr 3
BAB Y P - Should the Director of Childrens srvices and all involved be sacked.1,42432Nov 2008Dec 2008Mar 5
Legally assisted suicide - Discuss the issues, possible referenda and voting thereon4905Oct 2008Dec 2008Apr 16
Voluntary Euthenasia (Legally assisted suicide) for the terminally ill who choose it1,94140Oct 2008Nov 2008Mar 25
To WO Stew (SIR) and other PI%% takers60910Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 3
Late entry - Walter for President56814Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 16
Southern Meet up & get together ?1,36414Sep 2008Oct 2008Mar 30
U.S. (use less) Intelligence - Political and geographical jokers80838Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 28
Super-Intelligencia Americana - For UK members73820Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 8
Unashamed sales pitch - Shufti my profile :wink:56919Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 7
How to give a cat a pill4388Sep 2008Sep 2008Mar 16
CS DOES WORK - PART TWO - PROOF5396Apr 2008Apr 2008Apr 16
How about a CS English & Welsh Ladies rugby team then ?4675Apr 2008Apr 2008Apr 13
CS DOES WORK1,50920Apr 2008Apr 2008Mar 22
BRITISH WEATHER5946Apr 2008Apr 2008Apr 13
Ladies - Maximum age limit inflexibility5612Mar 2008Mar 2008Mar 24

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