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NO KNICKERS DAY is here!1,419111Jun 20Jun 227 hrs ago
The best birthday gift51041May 19May 21Jun 23
It's National Compliment Day!4,670296Jan 24May 81 hrs ago
Social Lubricant77463Mar 18Mar 1918 hrs ago
It's National Nap Day!77782Mar 12Mar 1811 hrs ago
If You Were a Porn Star....3,681297Jan 21Jan 2521 hrs ago
WINTER OLYMPICS1514Jan 24Jan 249 hrs ago
COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS6,000411Nov 30Dec 254 hrs ago
Gender neutral public restrooms1,16872Nov 19Nov 2116 hrs ago
Please Welcome Me to CS3,563208Aug 2017Oct 201710 hrs ago
Where are all the bad boys?1,32577Sep 2017Sep 201718 hrs ago
Pucker Up!4,405195Jul 2016Apr 2017Jun 23
Condolences -The Hound1,14135Jan 2017Jan 2017Jun 23
Words to Live By...Part 411,049175Mar 2016Jan 20178 hrs ago
COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS5,624209Nov 2016Dec 201613 hrs ago
FAKE NEWS STORIES98332Nov 2016Nov 2016Jun 22
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRUHEART8,262128May 2015Nov 201610 hrs ago
HALLOWEEN!!!4,788191Oct 2016Nov 2016Jun 23
Grown Men Should Never Wear...6,726228Jun 2016Sep 20161 hrs ago
CS Advent Calendar 201518,409223Nov 2015Jun 2016Jun 23
So You Think You Have it Bad?1,86231Mar 2016Jun 2016Jun 22
Let's Eat Cake By The Ocean!2,39273May 2016May 2016Jun 22
National Limerick Day!67213May 2016May 2016Jun 23
CRITTERS! CRITTERS! CRITTERS!3,68073Feb 2016Apr 2016Jun 23
Word to Live By - Part 374,8001,000Oct 2014Mar 20161 hrs ago
CS Olympics - 2nd Annual73,7931,936Feb 2015Mar 201629 mins ago
VALENTINE MADNESS!!!14,235207Feb 2016Feb 20162 hrs ago
CATS! CATS! CATS!51,1801,000Nov 2015Feb 20166 hrs ago
Glenn Frey1,43021Jan 2016Jan 2016Jun 22
Ringing in the New Year!!!8,333128Dec 2015Jan 2016Jun 22
SECRET SANTA TIME!15,458311Dec 2015Dec 20159 hrs ago
Yoga and Cultural Oppression2,47659Nov 2015Nov 2015Jun 22
COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN - Pas Deux3931Oct 2015Nov 2015Jun 22
Popcorn is Ready1,91730Nov 2015Nov 2015Jun 22
November 11, 19751,61638Nov 2011Nov 201520 hrs ago
COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN - Pas Deux5,36584Oct 2015Nov 2015Jun 22
COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN34,4071,001Oct 2015Oct 20155 hrs ago
Mars Mystery Solved4,02255Sep 2015Oct 2015Jun 23
I've been scammed :-(3,12181Sep 2015Sep 201512 hrs ago
Your Dating Ad5,276167Sep 2015Sep 2015Jun 23
NEWS OF THE WEIRD2,07147Jul 2015Sep 2015Jun 22
Dear Ladies of CS6,962254Apr 2015Sep 2015Jun 23

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