Golf Solitaire Game

Move cards that are one point higher or lower than the top card.

Instructions: In this game there are 40 cards separated into 8 columns on the top of the screen. There is also a pile of covered cards and a pile of discarded cards. The object of this game is to move all the 40 cards to the discard pile. You can move a card only when it is one point higher or lower than the top card on the discard pile. You can also open a card from the covered pile and put it on the discard pile.

Comments (17)

I am the top scorer (a real person) I played this game many times.It is just sheer luck to gain the high score. Some day someone will surpass it.teddybear
It's all a matter of luck. I don't really believe the top scorers are real people who played this game, laugh
I won the first time I played, applause but now I can't win it again. mumbling It´s hopeless ! frustrated
ha ha i am good for a dog only took me 25 games.
played 6hrs straight and still no win..what the hell is going on..this game has got to be rigged so u never beat the computer
this game sucks does anyone actually win. I play over and over and can never beat it. I won plenty of times on the other solitaire games so whats up with this one..its rigged lol...
A game of frustration for sure...I just played 20 games and scored a high of 18000 and a low of 2500...go figurecomfort
how longs does it tAKE TO WIN ,ONE ,JUST ONE GAMEfrustrated
i done it yessssssssss .. i must have a SAD LIFE HA.
This game is much a challenge and i m so going to play t till I do win it, even if it s going to tke me a bit I love this game so muchhhhhhhapplause banana applause banana applause banana head banger head banger head banger head banger head banger head banger smitten
this f*ck games is driveing me madfrustrated frustrated frustrated frustrated
This game is very hard to win.frustrated frustrated frustrated
come on baby finally I DID IT banana
the rules say you can only move a card that is 1point higher or lower than the top card why will it not let me move an Ace after a king???confused A,2345678910 J,Q,K,A,
i like it but it drives me crazy sometimes
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a sore loser I am NOTfrustrated I am going to play pool cant win at that either FIXED I say games are FIXED!!!!
I like this game but I believe they have some games that you will never win at unless you play them for YEARS rolling on the floor laughing only a few are allowed to win to give you a challenge dunno sore loser I am ,,,U tinksigh

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High Scores

Gamer Score Date
wanyiwa_wa20,500 May 23
Prairriescooner20,400May 13
Avulcanrider20,400Apr 10
paddy1foru20,200May 30
germantourist20,200Apr 27
oldtower20,200Jan 12
Doc259420,100Apr 13
sonchild20,100Apr 6
Jurenko20,100Mar 28
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