THE IRELAND FORUM MEETERS Group This is for people who have met up at CS meets in Ireland to catch up and keep in touch. Have a laugh and plan future events.

Im just updating this to add that we'll stick with the same rules that are on the main forums regarding posting on threads.

The only criteria to join this group is you must have attended a CS meet in Ireland.

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cs meet

doing a meet for my birthday b either late july early august

Maiden Name

Personnel changed my name back. So I can now officially use my original name in work. I sent texts to family and friends and I send cards to everyone on my Christmas card list. I am officially back to me again.

It feels sooooo good to be signing my real name again.

cheering cheering cheering

Maiden Name

Well I did it at last. I sent off a letter to every company and institution that I deal with advising them that I am changing back to my maiden name.

I'm me again!!!

cheering cheering

RE: Maiden Name

We are going on a family trip to it.... except my 12 year old nephew who thinks its too gay!! He won't come.laugh

Maiden Name

I know. Was trying to ring them during the week to see if there were any tickets left... couldn't get an answer. Going in to town tomorrow so I might take a ramble up to the Theatre and check it out.

RE: Maiden Name

I never used my married name... that went down like a lead balloon with the mother in law! But I never had to produce any documentation of any sort ever to state I wasn't changing. Would be interested to see if im an illegally named person!

Oh and ps... Riverdance is coming to Wexford theatre! danceline

RE: Maiden Name

I use my maiden name now C and i have changed all my bills etc, doctor, V
Until after our court date, which is coming up this year i can not use my maiden name on my pasport, bank account etc. As i was married in the UK i just have to apply to the court and pay a nominal fee after the hearing and it will be offically changed. The court will issue me with proof of change then i can use this to change passport etc.

N. wave

RE: Welcome to the IFM group

Anybody around this evening?wave

RE: Tuesday 16th March

Have fun peoples!

Ragin I can ne make it! moping

Happy Paddys Day

irish good luck irish good luck good luck

Drinks and whatever

Details for tonight are on the thread called Tuesday 16th.

See you all later wave wave wave

Tuesday 16th March

Anyone thats heading out tonight - See you later buddies

irish irish irish irish irish irish irish irish irish irish

Adults only :) :) :) :) :)

ill have a large vodka if there is one going[/quote

drink pouring one large one coming up grin

RE: Adults only :) :) :) :) :)

ill have a large vodka if there is one going wave

RE: This may seem like a strange thread.

The thread is neither strange or the thought sad - i think you'll find lots of folks have the same issue, that's why we're here - make a friend or 2 with the same interests and hopefully get to enjoy them all together.

I've traveled to a lot of places over the last 10yrs but i've never stopped to enjoy them, its always been with work or with sport and i've never really relaxed while i'm there.

I'd love to go back to visit some of the places, but i don't like doing things on my own, I can travel to San Fran for work on my own no problem, i just hate the thought of going some place for a week or 2 to relax on my own...

maybe that's why i'm a grumpy git at times.... moping

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