Metaphysical and higher consciousness group

Metaphysical and higher consciousness group This group is to create an opportunity for people who are on the path of enlightenment to relate, share and discuss ideas, beliefs, wisdom with like minded people. The main focus of the group is the metaphysical approach to comprehending the universe and life without religious mindsets. And be able to live meaningful lives and influencing our communities and culture.

All those people who are on the path of enlightenment with focus on higher consciousness and metaphysical approach without religious mindset.

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New to the group here

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I don't have time for games and those who want to play them they have EGO issues and wanting to make money and not care what is said to them. I am disabled and on SSDI meaning I only get a certain amount every month.

I am looking for a long term relationship, with communication, trust, honesty, kindness, open minded, romantic, outgoing, spontaneous, being loyal, accepting me for who I am, why I am and when I am. So I am single have a cat named Onyx again I live in the OHIO area and I am looking for a great guy who would hopefully be my soulmate if one exist anymore.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from some guys that knows how to treat a lady right.

Blessed be,
8Dreamsonline today!

which funeral ?

cremate or bury ?

our remains go back into the evolution cycle.

What should happen to evil and sick remains, how should such be disposed, that they can no longer harm plants and animals, thus humans ?

To be or not to be a Discordian ???

I was looking over all the groups this site has to offer and was thrilled when i came upon this one. I have been doing research on the idea of singularity and have presented some information and thoughts on my you tube channel. no this is not a plug for my page... yet merely offer that is where i do my thing. you do not have to go and visit. that is not why i am here. im on the path to find some like minded folks and just a god old conversation about a many a things. one in particular is Discordianism and The Lady of Discord...Eris.

yes i did read over the groups header and saw the mention of non affiliated religion. even though most Discordians regard it as a religion and will quote the Principia Discordia or the Illuminati Trilogy. yet for the [email protected] it is a great connection to ad to my own personal philosophy.

one main reason i wanted to come in here to hang out is as i stated... to find some like minded folks... and metaphysical relations are a key to my journey.

so let the [email protected] ask...

is singularity a near reality or do we have to wait till 2045?

Hey...howdy and hello

Wanted to stop by and say hello. Wouldn't be polite to just join and not talk. Will be around later to catch up with y'all.
Thanks, [email protected]

RE: Empath

I looking for someone to chat about abilities I gain last month, if there is another people with similar staff.


I find for myself in dating that being an empath and knowing n more so feeling the other person as myself it cuts out alot of the obstacles of trying to understand where the other is coming from or if the person is truthful.

For myself I work with energy and healing. I find my soul directs me than than my thoughts.
The more I try to escape who I truly am, the more what I truly am engulfs me.
Any more empaths here among us

Plant medecine

Accellerated evolution using plant medecine.

Hello all.

Just wanted to say hello. I'm seeing some amazing discussions here. I love it...Blessed Be Sisters and Brothers..

Energy talks


Take a breath, let the energy embrace you, feel the breeze blowing softly, sense the colors in the air, energy is between our physical
existence, energy is the door that balance life and death cycle.

Energy talks

Let the great spirit be with you always.

RE: I feel alone with my Mind

Hi,im Brett Turner i,m a Attic in outpatient i,m being always disturbed by evil voices , i,m t diagnosed as skitza frinia I,m Not i,m Not period i know to myself , i need help on a loving god for higher power . i realy need a referal please , i always hear nothing after prayer or thought but been lucky alot hmmm, i beleive in god but hes not around for everything i,ve learned by the voices hurting me etc . reply what would you sugest for god or high power to the universe etc , i,m just not getting the sign from any contacts praying or help please pr help i,m on 1 day cleen and sober in the morning please ,,,One Day at a time ,,, can you reply in morning around 9am please so i can study and pray by

RE: ~ my daily Acceptance ~

Nice words - reminds me of Zen :)

RE: Introduce yourself

Good afternoon,

I stumbled upon this section and may stumble with comment.
I assume that folks here make this a platform on which to pose ideas for comment. If so I am in the right place.

I begin by saying that I think I have most thinks worked out. However I always keep my mind open and try to maintain a 3 D approach to thinking.

Life is always a puzzle yet keeping a good heart its quite simple. I think the point of referrence always has to be nature. In this world we are like embyrios inside in an ecological womb.

Its logical to begin by accepting that we are only part of nature and due to this are preset by all of natures benefits and disadvantages.

I mention this first because all our thinking must accord with our global environment. Our concious state is always bounded by our physical state. This is fixed and not a variable. To find solutions we first need to accept contraints.

This said, for sure we have a separtate concious state and volition. Our concious state grows upon experiences and how we understand them. Not many people recognise the fact that we must not let bad experiences change our good ways and how to think and to be.

I have lived quite a long time; built businesses and family life.
I know that life changes quickly. But I also know that life must not change a good heart and good thinking.

Our personal theme for thought must always remain a backbone on which to carry the variables that come.

Working in Africa and the Middle East 35 years ago I realised that the ' hopes and needs of all people are the same' It is only the the methods people use to find these elements that varies.

Working in China and the Far East I found the same. But I found more. In Chinese philosophy and culture I found things that I always knew but had never been taught.

The graphic here confirms the commonality of our existence and fits the embryo model above. Genetics are fixed and this throws back the fact that mankinds differences mainly exist in the way to think. It helps to remove this variable to think more clearly.

All religions appear to provide a theological guide to generate a workable culture. Faith is to be admired where this creates harmony.

I believe that Gods and angels are inside each individual. There are also devils. When we seek peace with nature and peoples, these devils are contained. When we think well they are impotent.

Lastly; If we consider how other people feel before we consider ourselves, two things result: - harmony and greater understanding. Each reinforces a path to enlightenment.

For me the search for Enlightenment is a state that embodies a worthwhile existence.

Philosophy is the practical engagement of teaching. It is also the practical task of listening long enough to learn more.

I talk too much.

A long time ago I was just a boy with a box of spanners. I am not nuts because the nuts are checked every day LOL

In this world of open communications we have a big chance to share thoughts. The archaic battle lines of faith and nationality have no place on the road to enlightenment.

I hope this promotes thinking and argument?


RE: Introduce yourself

My name is Steven and I was born with major heart difficulties, I've had several open heart ops since I was very young and was given wrong advice by different people who I listened to and ended up on a self destructive path for I was lost, things were always going wrong, I started drinking and smoking and all though I cared about everyone and everything, I was hurting inside because I just didn't understand why my path went this way, when as a child I was so full of love, I had battled through the years, some could say I've been to hell and back but I always kept hope, then I came across someone who taught me about unconditional love, that started to open doors in my mind, I then went onto reading about self development, I started to understand more, the more I read, the more clear things became, I have now found peace in my heart, I am really happy and I love all including myself unconditionally, Now I am moving forward to chase my dreams and I am so looking forward to my future now I don't need the things I used to use to mask My pain for I have no pain and can see a great future, I truly recommend to anyone who is having difficulties to join and read up on Self awareness and Self development.
if anybody has any questions about this, please feel free to ask

Thank you for your time


RE: Introduce yourself

I am busy working in Environmental Health and Alternative health for over 21 years.
Since 1997 I am also more and more involved in Energy Healing, be it ...
1) straight Energy (almost like Reiki),
2) Electric Stimulation/Signals (like Mora, Bicom or Dr.Voll and Dr. Rife),
3) Magnetic Field Therapy (with rare Earth magnets),
4) Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) or
5) Sound (Sound Healing).

I have seen what Sound Healing can do to a person after a serious Stroke and studied it more closely. I am now ready to est a person for the frequencies needed and to generate the needed signals on my my own.

Some general sound are freely available in The Internet.
(Looks like I have already written too much once again.)

RE: The chakras system

Isn't the Crown Chakra No 7 ???
It should be counted from the bottom up - not from the top down!

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