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RE: Do you think you know me?

I didn't know any of the answers .But I must say you did look very familiar..I will also say I like the quiz game .My first time to play it

RE: Do you know me?

Life is all about love, irrespective of where we're where we are going, if we embrace it with true affection then all shall be well, don't despise the origin, where we come, we were all created, and mingle is the only way i can get anywhere because of love!

RE: what money means to you out there

You can buy love and happiness with money nowadays darling bouquet

RE: Should we meet? (Women only please)

Hi just wanted to say your test was straightforward. Simple and fun doing.

RE: Is there honest men out there?

The word honest has been deleted from all languages since the late 1990s.


If you didn't shout, it would stress the eye less at least.

RE: Know me? Hmm let's see....

I think I did well nice to meet youapplause banana

RE: let's see

Well, looks like i aced it, eh- 100%? Must've been easy, y'know? Well- easy for me to say, because i'm kind of a hopeless romantic, anyway...;-) Nice work, Guy- you've got some interesting wording going on there! Also very real, lovely and precise, Sir. Good work, @lookingforromance!applause

RE: am I the one you are looking for?

It seems I know tout alot based on the quiz. Can we be friends???

RE: How well do u know me???

Can we meet up for the sex plz wink wink wink wink wink wink wink

RE: Is there honest men out there?

Is there honest men out there? No. We're all cheats, liars, and scoundrels. Didn't you learn that at school?

RE: How well do you know me?

I to the quizz I got 38% hun xx

RE: For Men Only : Are You Ready for a Real, 1 On 1 Stabled Mature Serious Relationship?..

Good grief!!! The spelling is absolutely atrocious in this bogus "quiz"!

RE: Men Only : Do You Have What It Takes To Have a Real 1 on 1 Serious B.F / G.F Relationship With Me

On the question re a partial denture ... I think you are wrong ....!!! my answer is better because " if I was blind .. why would it matter " wave

RE: How well do you read profiles?

I got 0% on first try then 100% on 2nd made me smile....

RE: Should we meet? (Women only please)

I'm a guy. I think this "survey" was stupid. Maybe women would like and respond to it, but it's juvenile to me.

RE: Are you the one??

hi there I really liked your quiz it was very good (no bullshit finally) thumbs up

RE: Can anyone really know another by taking a quiz?

thanx for the score result of 42% and allow me to wish you anice and happy new year. its not quite easy knowing the person, so i guess this is a good way of understanding them. let me wish you anice and great week.

RE: How well do u know me???

thanx anneliese for the quiz and am happy for the 74% mark, that really encourages me to take other quizes also. it was very interesting tio see that i could at least guess what the person is really like. thanx alot oh, and happy new year to you and wish you the best in everything, bye.

RE: How well do you know me?

Ha... I hot a 100%... when do I get my degree? professor

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