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Dreams are Alive

We met in a beautiful dream
Our future was lying in a dream
We talked only about dreams in a dream
All dreams have been shared
All dreams have been our daily menu

One day it came to be bored
There were no more dreams to talk about
We ran to jump to find another dreamland
To break all the speechless day
The people were excited to welcome us
People who followed our dreams story
They never expected us to stay longer in our own dream
They took us to their dreamland

We will never be back to our own abandoned dream
We stay in our new dreamland with the people
We share the laugh we share the happiness with them
What’s a dream family we have nowadays
We hide behind the people we trust
We will never trust each other anymore
We have fun we have joy we have love for them
We have no love for us anymore in dream

Someone wake me up to see the morning sunshine
To touch the fresh dew to waive the tears
Love in dreamland to share with the people we trust
Love in real life to share with someone for real future

Where real life is not as beautiful as in dream
Where we still miss the dreams to come true
Where the paths are leading to sweet dreams
Where the dreams doors are unlocked and opened
Dreams are still alive
For the people who believe in miracle
For the people who wake up to make the dreams to be real
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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