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what love means to me

By a fleeting touch of your hand
You light up my skin and my heart
And I know that you are the man
With whom I just can't bare to part.
I feel love and passion so deep
That I'd rather spend every night
Watching you quietly as you sleep,
Shining softly with love so bright.

Not a crush, nor habit, nor lust...
No, I know now I've found in you
The love of my present and past,
The star that shall never go out.
There's no other power so strong,
No emotion, no bond of trust,
Life without you is just all wrong,
You are my first love and my last.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012

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Really enjoyed reading this poem...heartfelt and sincere thank you for sharing tattooapplause cheering applause cheering handshake hug
Something for you ,i would like to dedicate this poem coz you were the inspiration's call WHAT YOUR LOVE MEANT TO ME !
I think of how I see countless romance novels when I go to the library and how much women fantasize about loving moments with their man or one that they wish they had. Sometimes I feel we as men fall short in our duty to give women the hugs and such that they need.dunno hug teddybear dance
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