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With reluctance the group of friends enter unexplored woods
immediately swarms of Mosquitoes try infiltrating their hoods
They seem to become spooked by the eerie silence
other flying pest also harass with intended violence

They commence to machete through dense brush
while moving with extra caution to stay hush
The group huddles closer while forwarding deeper
faces depict fear of alerting a Predacious sleeper

Body parts bleed from prickly scratches
shedded skins lay visible in patches
Ominous echoes begin permeating their ears
eyes wide open obviously reflect hidden fears

They turn to one another uttering not a peep
realizing they may have ventured too deep
They all look paralyzed about what to do
adrenaline gives them fight to continue through

Each stare at one another with thoughts the same
lets fall back to the entrance from which we came
They all scurry as their hearts intensely pound
after exiting exhaustion drops them to the ground
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
A fictional, suspenseful,
or quite possibly a true occurrence,
2008/12/06...twd 6/25/18

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Comments (2)

I can feel the heart pounding from here! Very cool piece !peace
morgen90210! My very long overdo appreciation for your comment sir... Thanks much!!

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