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Every day that i survive, I become even stronger.
Each new experience and triumph lets me live longer.
I choose to give up being an irrepressable hatemonger.
There are things I have dreamed of, that I still seek.
I look back and learn from the times i was weak.
Thinking back, I laugh at my desire to meet a freak.
Since I was a young boy, love has mattered to me.
A loving husband and devoted husband is all i wanted to be.
But it seems the more I look, the less I can see.
They clearly didn't lie when they said "love is blind."
Even though it hurts, it is forefront in my mind.
I will still pour my heart out, and get left behind.
Of all the knowledge I seek, this I cannot attain.
I keep going after it even though it causes pain.
Some whould argue, "that's how you define insane."
So I continue on this utterly bleak path.
Always coming up short regardless of the math.
I wonder why I deserve God's wrath.
I'm tired of being pushed away with a strong shove.
I want to settle down into the life that i dreamed of.
To know that she's faithful, for i know she's in love.
That day will come soon, so I must prepare
For I must take action when the one is truely there.
Lose that opportunity... ... ... I wouldn't dare.
I watch others in love, and use that info as mine.
I learn when to let things slide and where to draw the line.
I listen to every problem, even when they whine.
Somewhere the secret to love lies inside of this.
The key to being desired, and to giving her bliss.
If i could wish one thing, it'd be a final first kiss.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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Yankee4youonline today!
Lots of things being shared in this.....appropriatly named Struggle......reminds me of a talk I had with my son returning from war....i reminded him that he had to be "lovely to be loved....friendly to be lots kindness to be kind" many respects we all have to become all the things we're looking for in others to realize them in ourselfs in life.....tough words for a battle hardened young man who thankfully did listen to his dad....dunno confused cool
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