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Dust in a box

Dust in a box...

Sitting here on the beach after a wave
This feeling I have, I often crave
The warmth of the sunshine on my shoulders
It clears my head and lifts my boulders

...The smell the sound the breeze and the sand
it makes me feel part of the land
I decide to lay back on the ground
Close my eyes and hear the sound
Feel the breeze and feel my soul
It is here that I feel whole

I could stay here for hours
I feel the ocean has special powers
The sunshine the sand and the sea
I cant explain the affect it has on me
no matter if my life is tough
If I come here soon enough
My spirit again feels free and wild
I feel so free just like a child

We all come from stardust
In this theory I do trust
We are all connected in some way
This I'm sure of I must say

One day we will all
Take one last breath and then we will fall
But we will still be
The stardust that makes you and me
It makes the sunshine and the sea
Perhaps somehow the dust I'm made of makes the ocean
Maybe I'm made from the same potion

Make the best of your time
Have a laugh drink some wine
Open your heart and let people in
Stay up late and commit a few sins
live and love hard and have no fear
Even if it makes you shed a tear
I'd rather live and love and bare the scars
Than be some dust in a box

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Posted: Sep 2012

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I missed this one the last day... very deep. Like your Anus. jk LMAO
my anus is shallow thanks lmao
The dust in a box, symbolizes freedom, contentment, simple joy & peace!!! I love all these feelings the beach offers. It's a natural high & a special getaway without traveling to far....lovely poem beachnit. Love how you describe this natural beauty wonderland!!! applause cheering peace yay dancing cool thumbs up
nature is a natural drug that lifts without the negative side-effects... much much better than prosac or anything else... awesome write've captured nature in a way a nature lover only understands... thumbs up
Hey cherry really appreciate your comments thanks for getting the meaning behind my stuff it's nice to hear blushing This particular poem means quite a lot to me it expresses the way the ocean has a hold on me. hug
Hi orien
Thanks for the compliments yes the only drugs I need come free and make me feel part of something much larger than life. Nature is awesome and so is the sheer beauty of the world we live in. I can tell you have a large appreciation for it too it's nice to hear others who feel the same way thanks for the comments ps the poem I wrote titled life's beauty is also on the same line of thinking have a look if ya get a chance cheers hug
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