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By: Schyler Silvey

our ship wrecked on shores that were unknown to me
no one escaped from what all i could see
i lay on the beach in shock and dismay
where i cry and so constantly pray
then i see life in the far distant sun
she looked very old though ever so young
her eyes were so red and blistering white
they seemed to emit a blinding bright light
and now it becomes ever so very clear
she is a lost witch, siren, demon or seer
now her eyes leave me so lost in a trance
as she approaches in a slow graceful stance
only moments go bye before she kisses me
my mind becomes filled with joy and so much glee
lost in a state of lust and disarray
i never knew this could occur in that way
i never thought this would happen to me
my head bitten off on the edge of the sea
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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