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My Prayer

If you can hear my voice every night, listen to it well
because this is meant for you. Think of my love as a beautiful spring, where crystal drops arise from my sad inspiration. Please come to me and become my new inspiration. Listen closely to my prayer as it arises from the bottom of my heart. Its reason is to let you know about my feelings for you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
I was feeling depressed when I wrote this poem. I am tired of being cheated and left alone whenever I need someone the most. it's My prayer
and my only hope.

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Comments (2)

Beautiful poem! I can understand the sentiments you have in here. It's my prayer for your prayers to be heard and answered. Just one thing... endeavour to be the inspiration; be your own inspiration. It's when we are inspired from within that others are drawn to us. Welcome to PC... handshake wine
California is full of people, certainly no shortage of women there. Getting in contact is another thing. I live in a college town, tons of pretty girls, so close but still so far away. I wish you much luck in your search for Ms. Right. That way you won't have to do like me and spend your time along playing Ms. Pacman!rolling on the floor laughing detective chicken
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