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How do you make a rhyme, take a word and play with it for a time
Place it in your head, like the colours purple or red
Purples not blue but a large part of it is its true
My favourite colour is black but I won’t speak of that
Red will rhyme with bed but hard to get in a sentence that is right when read
I now seem to spend far too much time playing with words that rhyme
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012

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laugh Very cute sir - rhyming is a job to be sure!
Thanks Ladybee42 to be honest I came to this site in search of love but have found so many kindred spirits instead, You and many others here in this little corner have inspired me to take up my pen again and strive to write poetry, been many years since i have and then it was to an end and meant only for me.
Now spending far to much time reading other peoples rhymes thumbs up
I know what you mean sir, wink I used to write way back in the 90's but gave it up as I was so busy doing 'family' things - when I came here I started again as a cathartic exercise to deal with my marriage splitting up. I've made so many lovely friends here I hate to leave now though I've found all I need here really. I hope your journey here is as wonderful and full of surprises as mine has been, It's all I could ever wish for anyone here. Enjoy the ride whatever else happens eh? handshake

purple heart purple heart
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