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i appoligize for how i sometimes am

And i appologize for way i sometimes act,im just all alone in a world where everything i loved seems to never stay and makes it hard to sometimes not lose my way. Now in a new place i have to start all over again,as my soul sometimes cries for it all to end.but the emptiness of my saddness has given me a beauty that is not mine for me to keep,so i give to the souls that i see eat of my words whatever may be ur meat and spit out the grisle that u do not need to keep.for it is my love that has no family for it to live, so to strangers i freely give...and i dont ask for nothing in return ,for when it helps i can handle its burn. Now uve met me, but how i look from the outside i cannot thats why i ask for u to one day say what u see as u look at me.for i know that i cant not see all of me the way that i need,so i use three. How i see myself,how others see me ,and how i really am.for theres many more to use but those r my three i use to best see me.for if my view of reality isnt not acturate then none of my efforts will turn out right for its all that i am that i put in the fight to protect myself from the monsters that no longer belong just to the night.including the one who hides out of my sight,the one i cannot see even the one thats trapped behind the wall with me that i built long ago to keep to others out,only to realize that behind my walls no one could never hear me shout.for i screamed out loud only for to make no sound so alone in my prison me and my monster i found.
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Posted: Nov 2012

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Wow ! Such heart touching ,soul crying poem !!! Amazing ...peace
Welcome to poet's corner zethwoo
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