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the bonnet enjoying its sonnet
says to the hard boiled egg
your colours are so pretty
shame they won't last the day
the egg replies I will win the race
oh no you won't say the bunny
I am the fastest by far
tis only my dust you will see

Happy Easter All
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2013
About this poem:
frivolous taken on the bunny etc

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Funny and cute..While Easter to some is a somber event, I find it a celebration and as such, fun.
My daughter found 18, but I hid 21 and cant find them myselfstuck Last year she found two eggs from the year beforedunnobarf Im going to have to have a stern talk with that bunny.bunny Happy Easter Shadowbunny
thats very good happy easterbunny
Does the boil egg have aunts and uncles tolaugh doh .Have a happy easter my friend.teddybear
Yankee4youonline today!
This is quite clever and humerous....let me share this one with you... One chocolate bunny (with a bite out of his arse) says to another chocolate bunny (his ears missing)...."My arse hurts really bad" and the other bunny replied..."What d'you say?" laugh bunny bunny bunny bunny
A bear and a bunny are taking a crap in the woods and the bear looks at the bunny and says " excuse me bunny but do you have a problems with crap sticking to your fur" the bunny replied "no" so the bear wiped his arse with the bunny...laugh ..sorry Shadow but its Yankees fault for inspiring me....Happy Easter againbunny teddybear
dear poet friends one and all ty for sharing my bit of humour and sillynessteddybear bouquet hug
Jessie tut tut lol teddybear bouquet
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