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"Faith in God"

To many, I am not seen as a holy person, simply because I do not go to church.

But I believe God Lives inside of your heart and not in a building, and for that I go on my knees and beg his forgives and for his Love.

For He only truly understands me and only him I really Trust.

He has held me up everytime I have fallen or was in danger, and for that I go on my knees and thank him for each day he graces me.

I feel alone and I walk through this life on my own, with my burdens on my back, with God at my side.

Dear God if you are listening please forgive all and tell them you have a plan for all.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010

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I enjoyed your poem. You are so right. God knows. God sees all. Thanks for your prayers at the end of your poem. God Bless You.
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