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I thank the Lord every day
When I open my eyes
I know He is responsible
For the land and sea and skies

I thank Him for another day
To be lived here on earth
I thank Him for allowing me
To live well past my birth

I thank Him for the open fields
And meadows filled with flowers
I know it's all His doing
For He has the ultimate power

I thank Him for the beauty
That surrounds me every day
For I know if He wanted to
He could take it all away

I thank Him for a star filled sky
With a harvest moon so bright
For I know He's the only one
Who could have gotten it all so right

But most of all I thank Him
For all life has given me
For I know deep in my heart
Without Him I wouldn't be.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2009

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Comments (2)

God loves a thankfull heart,
You are obviously in tune with our creator..I just started reading your poetry..and it's clear that you give God the glory, The way you appriciate the beauty all around!!Good work and thanx for seeing the world as you do.applause peace grin JGwave
Thanks JG, He is my everything he is my all,
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