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Top Gear

I wish i was a better driver than i am a writer,
I wish The Stig was a sexy woman, top gear magazines would sell more than playboys.
I wish top gear was a country, it will be the best men place to travel I wish top gear was a band, it would have been the best next thing as The Beatles.
I wish Jeremy was the PM, he can do far more better things than Gordon I wish James could have more taste in clothes than he has for cars.
I wish Hammond, well .. you now know who gets the female attention in top gear..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
i am not so good in poetry just thought to have fun and try it. I wrote it with humor, it may sound weird but i will live for you guys to decide it, i hope you enjoy it.

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by Unknown
on Feb 2010
in Humor
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