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A vampires love

Lusting for the life
he has not felt for so long
and all the things he has lost
that will forever be gone,
a vampires love one eternal kiss
its more of a curse
then it is a gift.
thirsting for blood
prolonging a life
that's condemned him only
into eternal night,
sadness it plagues him
and longing does ride
his eternal companion
never leaving his side
haunted by specters
of a once normal life
a home a family
and a sweet loving wife.
Now every things gone
all that he had
and still he lives on
eternally sad
wanting so badly
for all he cant have,
searching for something
he never will find
an eternal hell
I'm the memories of his mind.
So many things that never again will he know
like a kiss given with love
or the soft touch of wife
for he traded his soul
for this accursed life,
now forever in darkens
tears of blood he will cry
as he prays for forgiveness
so he can finally die.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010

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