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I can be extravagant
And create an extravaganza
I can be ambient
Gracefully grateful lika flower
Here I empower
The noisy silence of my mind
Outside of human thought
For human perception is blind
Everybody seek to find
Seek to find
Not content jus hell bent upon the daily grind
Cos if they chose to see
Half the messes n the stresses would have no effect effectively
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 5, 2017
About this poem:
Justa tweak of perception in another direction
Simple simplicities to bring out the very best in we

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Comments (2)

  • RedexHidden Profile
    RedexHidden Profile Sep 2017 Northumberland, England UK
    sounds good to music maybe too thumbs up
  • RikcoHidden Profile
    RikcoHidden ProfileOP Sep 2017 LONDON, Inner London UK
    Yes I have put a few to music, the one called "Come on let's play" has music uploaded on
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