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By Paul David Powers

Its not I won't commit you see,
it the chains you try to bind on me!
Say I Do, get this or that,
that's not love but bunch of crap!

You say your flower time soon pass,
but I really want a love to last!
Someone be there as I grow old,
shelter me from the winters cold!

Yes its true I'm from the street,
you'd be surprised I'm pretty neat!
Sing you a song and have a dance,
get stoned and have some hot romance!

Hey there are no guarantees,
just let go, let me be me!
Together we will soar the sky,
enjoy each day until we die!
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Posted: Nov 12, 2017
About this poem:
I have come full circle from my Hippie Days to who I am today! This poem says it all about how I feel! Enjoy! Paul

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