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Chocolate Covered Bacon

I went skiing at Chestnut in Galena, Illinois
My boot broke when I got done
So I will call it for this year of skiing
Boots are expensive
So I went downtown and wanted spritz cookies
On the way there there are all these shops
One had chocolate treats
In it I found slices of bacon covered in chocolate
One full strip was 3.50
I bought it and ate it on my way to the bakery
I wanted spritz cookies
The guy didn't know what that was
I said I bought some here last year
He still didn't know what I was talking about
So I bought some iced sugar cookies in the shape of candy canes
Then I went to Culver's and got some onion rings, a butter burger deluxe
And a Mountain Dew
Then it's off to Cuba City on the way home
There I got a tub of powdered cheese for popcorn
And a piece of cheese in the shape of a green Christmas tree
Covered in green wax
So ends another year of skiing and snacking
Till I get another boot
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2017
About this poem:
I finally got my skiing in. I used to pay by the date when we had snow early. Today would have cost me eight dollars in the past, when skiing started the week of Thanksgiving. The chocolate bacon was pretty good!

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