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A Day at the Beach

While watching rolling waves from the distant there
Past loves come to mind
Bringing me there to here to my place of peace
These tidy sands at my feet

My mind’s eye takes me beyond the wave’s horizon
To dream my dreams of wishes to come, as this eye foresees
Who is out there?
Within and without I and it questions
That calls me past my feet and sand
Where drifts of memory and presence
Entwine and dissolve to paint in hues
Of who, this is, that I am.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 7
About this poem:
A poem of reflection while looking out at the ocean horizon. Maybe you experienced something like this?

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daniela777online now!
Yes..water is always very emotional and inspires many...I included as it is my element.
That was so beautiful! you are very talented Iam older than what you are looking for but I don't look my age or act ithahaEllen
godsprincessonline today!
I'm always daydreaming and wondering about things. Can relate with that. Some call it creativity and some call it wool gathering. I call it poetry in the making. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy hug
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