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Enclosed pain

Six sides
Closed in walls
Gray barran
Graffiti lurks cold to breath
Lights flicker
Senses void
Hightened pain
Ears closed
Shouts of pain
From others closed
Senses hightened to the cold
Investment breath heavy
Damp one sits and dwells on past without future
One is bound
Feelings gone
One is void one is lost
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2019

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Comments (2)

godsprincessonline today!
What a sad poem. One is not lost as long as we have the Father. And one is not alone as long HE is with us. Take care.

Kathy angel
These are more than walls
Six sided almost demonic
Stench of foulness in the air
Feeling coldness n feet wet

I can't see its dark
I can't breathe catching breath
I can't scream beyond the noise
I can't sit ,faceses everywhere

That's how I feel when reading
This amazing surreal poem
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