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Streets silent
Lockdown begins
We hide from the unseen
for the silent killer lurks
On winds of breath carried blown in the wind can't be seen can't be heard you are there unseen
life turned upside we hide inside alone in solitude in bubbles we hide from you the unseen you lurk waiting watching for the people who now live inside old young weak you waits you watches you don't care your the killer of the weak
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 23

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Comments (2)

Hi, wayne34,
Thank you for sharing. Whereas we humans seem to serve the god of greed, most of nature does only what it deems necessary to survive. This pandemic reveals much about how we have structured our society and what we value as We hide from the unseen. May you (and us all) emerge from the lockdown healthy and wiser.
Beautifully written . If we could get everyone to pull together it would make these hard times a bit better . Wayne please stay safe and healthy hug
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