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It's #7 of the commandments
Stealing is really bad
It comes in many forms
I see at work in our lost benefit that cost five people their jobs
I see it in my family as my mom waits to be put in a home
Her home stolen from her by her favorite grandson
Six years of not working and taking for every dime she had left
I see it with my friend who has estranged himself from his family
From years of taking with no intention of paying it back
I see it in our national debt that steals interest on our saved money
And a future of possible financial meltdown
I see it in our devalued money where 13 dollars in 1979
Would be worth over 44 dollars today
I see it in our wages
High interest loans that have made more money than gambling as of late
I experience it every day as the covid 19 response has stolen freedom
Freedom to go see a ballgame, freedom to gather together, and jobs from people
It's not what I want in my life
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 9
About this poem:
We lost our WOW program at work due to five people who were using the program to line their pockets, and my mom waits to see her freedom stolen from her as her beloved grandson has used her love as a whip against her.

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The largest worldwide crime revenue is on-line scamming. Karma will catch anyone who steals. A clear conscience is more valuable.

Regards Mick.

Hi mcradloff wave
Thanks for sharing, this highlights the need to always being aware of scamming at all
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So sorry Mc that all this is going on in your life right now. All you can do is be there emotionally for your Mom. Someday it will come back to bite your nephew for what he has done. Your a good person and bad things do happen to good people. Why? We don't know but it all is worked into the tapestry of life. Take care! Praying things improve for you.

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