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The Moon Never Burns

Within my Soul's serenity, love is to be found
My cup is full of passion and desires
Within the emotions of love, I breathe
The moon never burns, but I burn for you
I'm whisked away in my thoughts to cloud nine
I cover myself by the stars while passing the
milky way
Before my eye's I catch a glimpse of a shooting
I close my eye's, I make my wish, I feel a honey
kiss upon my lips
I'm back to reality, my feet have touched down but
my heart is still somewhere on cloud nine
The moon never burns, but I burn for you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
About this poem:
I had a friend of mine ask me to write something about the moon never burns and this is what I came up with..

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Comments (4)

a sultry glow in the night... ;-)
Beautiful write, Janey.
trurorobonline today!
very enjoyable
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