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Scheduled Departure

Scheduled Departure

You were here just for a little while
but while you were here you made us smile
and though we're sad because you went away
there is a place craved in our hearts
where you will always stay

Thoughts of you will no doubt keep your memories alive
as well as all you contributed to the world while you were here
and though your spirit has ascended to the other side
the legacy you left behind will forever keep you near

You must have done something special after all
your light undoubtly must have shone bright
just look at all the love being shown towards you
all day, everyday, morning, noon and night

They are expressing their love for you everywhere
from the north, the south, the east and the west
and they all have united with one voice
in saying that you will go down as being the best

Of course there are those who never tried to understand you
they are still trying to drag your name through the mud
but what can you expect from hearts that has been harden
it cannot feel nor know how to recognize love

But that’s enough talk about them right now
a second is to much time spent on them anyway
I pray that in time they will come around
and grab hold onto what you were trying to convey

Now you must know that we could never forget you
we could never, ever regret your stay on this earth
and the message God placed in your heart to give us
will surely cover your faults and showcase your worth

Yes your departure to us may have seem so suddenly
and our hearts moans not being able to say good bye
but may be God had already Scheduled your Departure
dated for when your home was finished on high!

Always From My Heart ~To Yours
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
About this poem:
This is one of several poems that I wrote after hearing about the death of Michael Jackson.

It is dedicated to his memory!
If you're a MJ fan, I hope you enjoy it.

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Comments (2)

i enjoyed it...thanks.
Hi! agoodguy2have:

Thanks for your comments.
I have others that I will be posting in the near future.
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