Reflections of Battles Won

What did that dark whisper say
I sense something very strange
Those gathering clouds so gray
Bringing a strong storm arrange

I fell helpless torn from freedom
Ripped like the shirt off my back
Struck down like tunes Te Deum
Adrift in this raging Sea of Black

What hope wait fresh and found
Release me and free me of pain
Lift my spirit up from the ground
In my flight to freedom will I gain

Today we hunker down and fight
Not lose our way from all reason
For truth we must reach for light
And let peace become in season
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 3
About this poem:
For those who hunger for war, I will counter for peace.

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Comments (4)

Brilliant poem and yes some who fight for wars have never been in one.

You would think humans would have evolved into talk talk talk not war war war .

Saying that i felt when reading your poem teddybear

Precisely where I'm going with this call for peace. War is not an answer. It is an experience that one who has witnessed will never forget or willingly long for ever again.
Truth said : The world needs peace! Thanks for putting your thoughts and feelings on the table. SMpeace
CelticWitch64online today!
Brave man Yankee applause

I see you've still got it wave
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