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Childhood Memories: Vigus and I

I clearly recall Vigus who was around eight
Wearing a girl's dress climbing over their front gate
His folks thought this apparel would keep him at home
And discourage him from leaving their place to roam

When we played a game of marbles on the bare ground
He would tuck the dress between his legs and stoop down
This was in preparation for his turn to “pitch”
So he could aim at the target without a hitch

His first language was a version of French patois
Which he learned in his native island, St. Lucia
When we first met and he spoke French patois to me
I, not understanding, would nod approvingly

We made chocolate ice cream from sifted dirt and sand
And sought someone to taste our own special brand
He was my next door neighbour and as a young boy
Playing together as children brought us great joy
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2017
About this poem:
Iambic hexameter

(bentlee's challenge)

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Comments (9)

Bentleeonline now!
Socretes that's a really cool write, ty for accepting and offering your thoughts, nothing speaks louder than the innocence of a child............cheers
How beautiful!

What a wonderful heart

Good man

God Bless
socrates applause applause enjoyed your childhood poem a true poet teddybear
godsprincessonline today!
Oh! Love it - a parent forced cross dresser. laugh Seriously - this was great! Hope you are well.

Kathy teddybear
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your comment.

This piece is about my friend who made the chocolate ice cream, together with myself, and which I mentioned in my comment to your challenge.

I still hesitate to post the main piece about the actual voluntary tasting of the ice cream, not because of fear, but, as I said earlier, some may find it offensive, especially those who may look down on mischievous activity in childhood.
I view the entire scenario in the tradition of the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
socrates44online today!

I'm glad you appreciate the piece.

Thanks for your kind words.
socrates44online today!
my poet friend,

I am happy that you enjoyed it.

Have a nice day.
socrates44online today!

I am fine. Thanks for your comment.

I believe the term “cross dresser” is a modern terminology with certain connotations that may seem abnormal to some.

However, I think Vigus's folks were simply using this action as a means to try to keep him at home while they were out.
I must say that I admired the way he would tuck the dress between his legs and stoop down when it was his turn to “pitch”.
laugh funny you should mention huck finn and co I just found an old book on lovely paper of one of their stories, It invoked such memories reading as a child so when the say us oldies grin go back to childish things I just had to buy it and will indeed read it sucking on an ice-cream cone laugh laugh
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