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Breaking through

Get the feeling I'm breaking through,
Time just disappears when I'm with you'
even while we're thousands of miles apart,
A lot of healing, and yes its true,
just wish I could be right there with you
guess I knew it way back at the start

I've got feelings ,getting harder to hide
emotions run deeper,in the dead of night,
when I find myself,just thinking of you
when I call you up,your like a child,
puppy dog eyes and a welcome smile
wanna hold you ,and you know it too

pouring my soul out, guess it's true
wanna be the only one,to get the love from you
dry all the tears you've cried
hold you all through the night
hope you know your special,yes I do
no-one else could ever hold a candle to you
just hope you feel it too,
baby just me and you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Comments (4)

Hey Andy, what a wonderfull poem!!!applause And what a nice surprisegift flirtySo good to see you back writing again.bananaLike all your poems..they are straight from the heartheart wings Hopefully you will find true happiness when the time is right for you...nancy..hug cheers thanks cats meow angel2
This poem is dedicated to a special lady I think loves me !!!
she knows who she is !! you know who you are !! erm thanks Nancy been a while since I wrote anything guess you bring out the best in me !!!???
You know I do!!!blushing wink Thanx again ,I truley love this poem..grin love wink teddybear ...nancy
Hope all pans out well for you, very nicely expressed.
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