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RE: Guilty or Not Guilty?

is this a riddle? blues

RE: Guilty or Not Guilty?

to be or not to be...confused what should it be?

RE: 23/11 What I am looking for

Thank you, too! hug

RE: is there true love in this world yet ?

I love movies! blues

RE: Just a thought, . .

is a SF story? dunno or is she a wizard or a medium?blues

RE: being kissed

well...I was talking about the passion of it and if you know how to blow up all the best of your motorbike! wink

RE: being kissed

someone told me that a woman must be like your beloved "instrument" the guitar, violin..so on, tell me, do you feel that a woman is like your motorcycle/motorbike blues

RE: Another forgoten Jem :)

Thanks for sharing! Good one! handshake
Happy Thanksgiving!

RE: Do women love beard ?

I don't, neither the mustache! but your pic look funny with that beard!wave

RE: being kissed

hahhaha, mister are you plan to win all the women here, or to improve your Casanova style, lol!

RE: How could I be so wrong,PLEASE,HELP.!Happy T.G. EV

confused your choose mister, why don't try to see...why was she hinding from you, and I think she is crazy about you if she was hunting you by town, no? bouquet and she will say " to not worry about him, and....so on" woman texts...uh oh

RE: it's not easy!- no es facil...

aaaaa, btw thank you for your double words! Spanish is my favorite!hug Good luck!

RE: it's not easy!- no es facil...

Suerte!!! bouquet

RE: Learning Italian

well...Linna, I had to delete it..I wasn't around..you know why...no mistake again, lol! no, husband neither!wink

RE: Learning Italian

hello, Linna! kiss how are you my dear? hug

RE: Learning Italian

laugh Benvenuto! hug or shoould I say "welcome in to my country" or "la mia casa e tua" grin bouquet

RE: 23/11 What I am looking for

sigh just happiness from little things yay

RE: A Sweet, Petite, Angel, or a little Devil Woman?

you are saved laugh I like them too, but not to wear just to make! blushing

RE: A Sweet, Petite, Angel, or a little Devil Woman?

I know what you meant..we are few here..so cut off then! wink

RE: A Sweet, Petite, Angel, or a little Devil Woman?

Dear aJester I think you made that "hicky" with one intention, no? wink Anyway, is to long for forum, nice story! handshake

RE: biker women

I wanna ride a chick too for Thanksgiving Day, lol!

RE: past history

are you lawyer? confused I 'm sure we won't help him with this kindda opinion, because we are speaking hypothetically! Try to reintegrate him in society then..will find that by himself.

RE: Love will come when u least expect it!

are you kidding? blues Good luck then! cheers Try to meet her in flesh and bones, or did you? wink

RE: Chemistry it is not just chemistry

alchemy means the way in which two person are related, so as my opinion without chemical reaction my body doesn't move! So after that reaction, I'll be able to speak/feel about the process of love! Even we are speaking only about a friendship, there must be some positive energy to be one!
Good topic! handshake bouquet

RE: Why a bonafide young eligible single is yet to get


RE: life,complaints andchoices

ok, deal! cheers bouquet

RE: life,complaints andchoices

sorry chocotongue

RE: goodweekend everyone

coffee cheers! waiter good week-end, too! handshake

RE: life,complaints andchoices

welcome! rolling on the floor laughing

RE: If you love reading love stories... Thx for readin

...and it says... women are unable to get, but your story is in the same boat! handshake It was interesting to read you! hug

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